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ACTIVATED Carbon Filter

ACTIVATED Carbon Filter

  • ACF

    Flowrates; 1m3 to 100 m3/h

    Pressure ratings; 4 to10 bar

    Vessel Materials; Epoxy-coated steel, Polyester composite,Stainless steel (on request)

    Bed depth; 1 meter min.

    Filtration media; GAC

    Pesticide removal

    COD removal


    Top manhole     2 1/2 to 6"           DN 400

    Accessories        5-ball or butterfly valves               5-butterfly valves

    Options                Manometers, degaser, flowmeter

    Control Automatic or manual backwash, on timer and.or differential pressure

    More on activated carbon

    For pesticide removal only at overall occurrence at ppb levels, lifetime of an activated carbon bed can be up to 10 years. For natural organic matter or oil and grease, bed renewal can vary from few weeks to few years.

    Please send us your water analysis.

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