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Package MBR plants for Wastewater Process

Package MBR plants for Wastewater Process


    MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

    What is the MBR technology?
    Membrane Bioreactor or MBR Sewage Treatment Plant is an innovative wastewater treatment method.

    Fully automated
    Minimal maintenance
    Easy to operate
    Compact footprint

    How Does Membrane Bioreactor Work?

    As mentioned before, membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment combines the conventional biological process, i.e., activated sludge, with the membrane filtration technology
    Just like the sewage treatment plant, the traditional classical treatment process is Pretreatment ( Bar Screen)—Primary Sedimentation—Anaerobic treatment—-Aerobic tank—-Secondary Sedimentation tank, and in this treatment process “ Sedimentation tank “ should be very big and the output water quality not stable because of some Activated sludge will be outflowed together with permeate. And the MBR Technology use Submerged MBR Membrane replace the big Sedimentation tank, the MLSS (which is the bacterial concentration in the reactor basin ) will be higher, and as the reflux pump designed Q= 2 times of output, from MBR Tank to Anaerobic tank, then whole system treatment efficiency will be higher and output quality will be better.

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